Specialised In Foils : From Manufacturing to Supplying
Based in India, Ultimamesa stands out as a specialized provider of aluminum foils, catering to diverse industries such as flexible packaging, pharmaceuticals, HORECA, FMCG lids, and beyond. Drawing from our wealth of experience in the packaging sector, we pride ourselves on delivering inventive and customer-centric solutions.


As a prominent manufacturer and exporter, Ultimamesa excels in producing aluminum foil rolls tailored for both household and catering purposes. Moreover, we extend our offerings to encompass aluminum foils designed specifically for flexible packaging and pharmaceutical applications. With a steadfast commitment to quality and innovation, we continuously strive to exceed customer expectations, ensuring our products consistently meet international standards.

Company Profile

We have everything needed to satisfy our customers: a wide product portfolio, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, customization options, and quick response times. Coupled with the extensive experience of our promoters, we deliver our products with high efficiency and effectiveness.


With more than 20 years of expertise in industrial, food packaging, and printing, we deeply grasp your needs and are committed to satisfying them completely.

Instant Response

Our dedicated team manages customer inquiries to guarantee a smooth experience. All queries are addressed within 24 hours by our responsive team.

Tailored solutions

We aim to collaborate individually with every client, offering innovative, personalized, and committed solutions to meet their unique needs effectively.

Innovative production

Leveraging our world-class manufacturing facility in Neemrana, we deliver products that adhere to global standards, ensuring quality and meeting international expectations.

Extensive Range

We provide a wide range of aluminum foils in various types and sizes, suitable for applications such as the packaging industry, household use, FMCG lids, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Global Reach

Ultimamesa builds an integrated network of buyers and suppliers worldwide, including the Middle East and Africa. Our goal is to efficiently deliver products across the globe.