Semi-Rigid Container Foil

Semi-rigid containers are extensively used by commercial eating establishments for food delivery. These containers are favored for their durability and ability to maintain their shape under various conditions. Restaurants and catering services rely on semi-rigid containers to ensure that food remains intact and presentable during transit. The sturdiness of these containers provides a reliable solution for transporting meals without the risk of spillage or damage.

FMCG Lid Foil

Lightweight and convenient packaging solutions are among the latest developments in the packaging industry. Aluminum foil lids are widely used for sealing cups or containers in food and beverage packaging, providing an efficient sealing method for storing food items.

Aluminum foil lids provide excellent barrier properties against air, light, and gases, helping to preserve aroma and protect the food items stored in containers. They are easily sealable on top of containers, offering a leak-proof packaging solution that also enhances the shelf life of the products.

Light Gauge Foil

One of the primary uses of aluminum foil is in flexible packaging. It is often laminated with materials such as nylon, PVC, and other plastic films, making it ideal for food product packaging. Common applications include aseptic beverage cartons, confectionery, bakery items, yogurt, oven-cooked products, coffee, tea, chocolate drinks, and tobacco products. Typically, the thickness of aluminum foil used ranges from 6 to 12 microns. We offer aluminum foils in these sizes and thicknesses, perfectly suited for flexible packaging needs.

Ultra Light Gauge Foil

Ultra light gauge foil is an even thinner variant of aluminum foil, typically with a thickness ranging from 0.002 to 0.005 mm. Despite being extremely thin, it maintains the beneficial properties of aluminum, such as durability, flexibility, and barrier protection.

Household Foil

Aluminium kitchen foil, known for being hygienic, non-toxic, and recyclable, is extensively used for wrapping food items by households, caterers, restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, airlines, railways, coffee shops, and more. To serve both domestic and professional kitchens, we have launched our own brand of household aluminium foil. As a leading manufacturer and exporter of aluminium foil for household and catering applications, we take pride in our world-class manufacturing facility in Rajasthan, which enables us to produce products that meet international standards.

Pharma Foil

Another significant application of aluminum foil is in pharmaceutical packaging. In the pharmaceutical industry, aluminum foil is essential for the safe transportation and storage of medications. Its properties ensure complete protection against light, gases, moisture, and germs. Aluminum foil is utilized in various forms such as Alu Alu foils, blister packs, and strip packs. Alu Alu foils are typically available in thicknesses ranging from 45 to 50 microns. Additionally, aluminum foil offers cost savings and efficiency to customers. We supply aluminum foils in sizes and thicknesses suitable for pharmaceutical packaging needs.